Senior Developer

Socrative brought me on to design and build version 2.0 of the widely-used app. I was responsible for all front and back-end development and lead the team in building and scaling the new version. Acquired by MasteryConnect in 2014

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Startup Co-founder

I created an eLearning solution using a Kinect Sensor and an iPad to appear in a virtual classroom where students can log in to the simulation to attend class. Primary developer on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android using Unity3d and Django for services.

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Game Programmer

Responsible for 3D development and helped build the game development team from two to thirteen developers for a virtual world project. Built gameplay, web integration and P2P networking architecture using the Unity3D game engine and Flash/HTML/JavaScript.

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Technical Animator

I worked on tools, particles and character animation on multiple DS and GBA titles: 'Ben 10: Protector of Earth", "Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue", “The Santa Clause 3”, "Puzzle Quest DS" and "Rollie Pollie Ollie"


Highmoon Studios

Programmer Intern

I worked on the 'Tools and Tech' team using the Unreal 3 engine. Contributed to two Xbox 360 titles: 'Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy' and 'Darkwatch 2 (unreleased)'.



Tech Demo Android game made with Unity3D.

"Starbomb is a game of skill. Balance your way to victory against your friends. Quick reflexes and a sharp eye required."

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League of Load Screens

As an excuse to learn Meteor.js, I built a tool that uses Riot Game's API and some basic machine learning classification techniques to give you a heads up on players strengths and weaknesses for the game you're currently loading into.

Designed for mobile.

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Basketball Prototype

I built this little demo for a friend that wanted to figure out controls for a game of 'Horse'. I created all the assets and code.

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I built this game demo to prototype some procedural level generation and dungeon-crawler tablet controls. I created all the assets and code and used Photon for networking.

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Emergent Geometry

I built a tool that allowed you to write Lua scripts that would use common AI techniques to generate procedural meshes. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2007.

Sample Source Code Sample Lua Script

Global Game Jam '15


A 24 hour gamejam game where you play a scientist defending her spaceship through platformer and tower defense mechanics. Worked with a 2D artist.

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Boston VR Gamejam '14

Helped multiple teams at the Boston VR Gamejam with Unity3d and built a small atmospheric underwater stealth game.


Women In Games '14


A game where you play a scientist defending her spaceship through platformer and tower defense mechanics. Worked with a 2D artist.

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